The Kerr Plan - Mission Statement

The mission of this systems platform is to ensure a bespoke model of health care is available to all.

The ‘Matrix of Kerr’ will eradicate the inequalities of hierarchical systems of the past.

Join in our vision for the future. Imagine a whole new world where autonomous practitioners support women and their families on the journey to birth and beyond.

Let us co-create our own vision for the Future of Family.

"Build it, and they will come"

#kerrplan #takingkerrofu

Who are we?

We are a network of like minded individuals, from across the island of Ireland and beyond, each with expertise in our own particular fields.

We are here to work together with your family to help co-create a brighter future for all. Know that we deserve this.

What do we do?

We are here to advise, support and guide you and your family on your journey to parenthood, paying particular attention to those amazing first 1000 days.

Know that, with firm foundations, everyone is stronger.

Join us in welcoming the new era of humanity. Let us future proof our family.

"Babies come into the world already connected"
(Zeedyk, S.)

Let us work together to ensure these connections are the best they can be. For all our sakes.

Take Kerr. Always.

Contact us

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Student Support - health care

Do you need help with understanding your course? Is your assignment title giving you grief?  We can organise one to one or group sessions, face to face or zoom, whichever suits you best. Drop us a wee line and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Don't give up, this will be worth it!


Do you want to promote your talent on our platform? No problem!  Please feel free to drop us a line or three to explain what you do and why you would want to be associated with the kerrplan. All we ask is that you bring integrity and a good heart. The rest will follow. We look forward to hearing from you. We will be developing a 'Connection Centre' where we will promote all those who are aligned with our ethos.

Vision board

Please feel free to follow our vision board, where we will share our vision for the future of parenthood. All submissions will be considered. 


This will be where we appreciate and share our feedback. Anyone who connects with us is free to leave an unedited testimonial. Our aim is to be open and transparent throughout, accountable at all times to those we serve.

Dads only

It has been brought to our attention that dads wish to have some 'one to one' time. As a result, we will be offering one to one plus group sessions for dads to be. All will be offered to mums, with joint sessions also being made available.


At this and every point in time, we will be relying on voluntary contributions in order to maintain this service. We welcome any and every contribution that is made, with no obligation whatsoever. This service will be made available to all where logistically possible; all we ask is good intent. 
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